Fishery Rules

Harperrig Fishery Rules

The following General Rules apply to all fishing unless stated otherwise. Permits may be used only in accordance with the Rules and breach of these invalidates the permit.
It is illegal to fish without a valid annual or day permit.

 “Fishery ” means Harperrig Fishery on Harperrig Resevoir.
 “Fly fishing” means using an artificial fly, fly line, fly rod and fly reel.


  1. Ensure that you are fishing within the boundaries of the beat shown on the relevant map.
  2. All fishing is fly only
  3. No fishing with natural bait
  4. Only one hook (single, double or treble) per lure or fly.
  5. No rod sharing.
  6. The sale of any fish caught on Fishery waters is not permitted.
  7. Members/Day Ticket holders catch limited to 3 fish per day, minimum 8”
  8. A catch return must be made as soon as possible after fishing, preferably on the same day. I
    Information required:
    Total number caught
    Total number kept
    Weight and/or Size (approx.) of each fish retained
    Returns can be made by sending a text with your booking reference and catch details to 07851 011 085 (Club mobile number for returns only), or by e-mail to
  9. Permit must be carried and shown when requested.
  10. Take measures to prevent the introduction of parasites, disease and non-native flora and fauna. If you have been fishing abroad, you must disinfect all equipment and waders used recently before use on our waters. Effective methods are thorough air drying for at least two days or application of the chemical Virkon.
  11. Behave responsibly and respect livestock, wildlife, people and property while fishing reservoir.
    You should adhere to the general advice over responsible access to the countryside given in “The Scottish Outdoor Access Code”.
  12. Use boats or float tubes correctly and responsibly. All boat occupants to wear lifejacket at ALL TIMES.
    Report any problems or damage as soon as possible
  13. There is a designated parking area for anglers shown on the map.
  14. Do not leave litter. Nylon or fluorocarbon discarded by anglers is a major threat to wildlife.
  15. Gates must be left in the state (open or closed) that you found them.
  16. Fires or barbeques are not allowed without express permission of the board
  17. Fish in a sportsmanlike manner and allow other anglers to fish areas by moving along the shore or repositioning boats accordingly.
  18. Immediately report any suspected antisocial or poaching incidents by telephone to the Police on 999, 112 or 07851 011085

Harperrig Fishery Board reserves the right to rescind membership of anyone found to be in breach of the fishery rules